Dear sponsor,

I had a mishap that came from my failure to plan. I took my mother to her favorite restaurant for her birthday. I have been there before and I know what I get so I planned to eat my typical meal from there, but the menu had changed and my planned item was no longer offered. I started to panic, but then decided to calmly order a sensible meal and stop at that. I would tabulate the calories afterward, and all would be fine. I did as I planned without interrupting dinner or making a scene. The problem came afterward when I entered the supper into my tracker and discovered I was 96 calories over my daily limit, and this even without my normally planned fourth meal, which I skipped to compensate. I needed to report this deviation from my plan of eating, however accidental it may have been, because I cannot allow myself to start excusing this kind of error. Planned meals are the structure that holds up my abstinence, and this made it feel dangerously wobbly.

From now on, planned meals, with a backup plan!