Making amends is far more than making an apology; it is living in such a way as to rebuild what has been broken. This means that in order to heal, I have to stop harming. Since I have not yet attained perfection, however, I am likely to harm again. I do still occupy a faulty human body after all.

Living amends is a lot like doing the laundry. I wish sometimes that it would finally be done once and for all, but inevitably I find that the clothes I’m wearing on wash day need washing too. Making amends for the selfish will-manipulation that plagues my life and threatens my relationships is a never-ending process. I can’t just wish it over and stop trying. No one wants me at their helm and I am no one’s rudder.

I cannot hold open my hands to receive God’s provision for me if I refuse to extract my grabbing claws out of the backs of my fellows.

Dear Father, today, make me grateful for all You have given me, so I am not so inclined to rob from others their will, their joy, or their serenity.