Mark Merrill blogToday’s “Aha!” moment comes from Mark Merrill’s All-Pro Dad blog post entitled “A House Divided.” In it, he reminded me that men tend to consider themselves winners if they score the most points or conquer their opponent. His simple statement was exactly what I’ve needed these seventeen years of marriage (and would have been nice those seven years of the first marriage too). He said simply:

“Win your wife, not the argument.”

Dear Father, Today, help me remember that You are the Victor so I don’t have to be. Help me to concede to gentleness, compassion, and kindness. Help me be first to forgive rather than first to finish. Lead me to love like You do, rather than attempt to accumulate honor and esteem for myself. Help me see that when I selfishly grab for attention I forfeit respect and admiration. I seek to honor You. I know that in close relationship with You, I will cease harming myself and others, and will suddenly discover that people are drawn to the You they see in me. May Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen!