hallelujahOkay, now that the “all clear” has sounded I can tell more about the air raid on my sanity by the evil one. On March 19th, I received a phone call from my doctor’s office. I was told that my blood test results were abnormal, and I was immediately referred to a hematologist/oncologist for a concern over low blood platelets. Minutes later I was given a next-day appointment at a place with “Cancer Center” in the name. Blog followers may remember my call for prayer that day. Thank you very much!

A quick web-search revealed that the main culprit of a low platelet count is leukemia, which is known to run in my family. A second blood test, drawn at the appallingly named “Cancer Center,” a place filled with doom, gloom, and anxiety in the air you could cut with a knife, would take two weeks to show results before my follow-up appointment with the specialist.

It’s a brave new world, and everything is online now, so when the blood test results came back, I was notified by electronic mail to log into my account and view them. They showed that I have a slightly depressed white blood cell count, but that my leukocytes are in the normal range. Since “leukemia” means a lack of leukocytes, I guessed that I was out of those woods but would be poked and prodded with more questions while the cause of the depressed blood count would be sought.

I confess that, while my prayers have been faithful, my temperament has been less enthusiastic. I have been irritable and touchy, and even spent a few days locked in an isolated gloom. Some friends of mine were wounded in my extra-sensitive condition, and I regret having walked outside the faith to which I cling. I was dangling by it for a few days, and that’s for sure! I enlisted the support of a few faithful prayer warriors, but intentionally kept this concern of mine from my family and friends, since I knew so little, except that which would spread needless worry and fear.

Yesterday afternoon’s appointment revealed that I have virtually no cause for concern, that there are no indicators for cancer of any kind whatsoever, and that whatever concern there was over my low counts was assuaged by the fact that the counts are back into normal ranges. The specialist said that, since real concerns show consistent downward trends rather than fluctuating patterns, and that, in all other aspects, I am healthier than most people she has met, she is not concerned about these numbers in the least. She assured me that I should not be either. I immediately notified the six people I had informed about this issue and thanked them for the prayer support. I wanted you, who had a hint of information, to know as soon as possible too.

As for the mystery spice I referenced yesterday, my precious bride discovered several articles about the superfood cinnamon, some versions of which contain a substance called cinnamaldehyde, which is allegedly proven to lower blood platelet levels. This expert research assistant of mine also uncovered information about those who consume large amounts of fresh vegetables also experiencing a harmless reduction in white blood cell counts. My hematologist, who also specializes in oncology, confirmed that these are possible explanations of the slightly lower counts, but cautioned me against straying away from such a healthy eating plan when it is serving me so well and, she reiterated, there is really no cause for concern in my case.

Praise God, my Deliverer, who obviously has more for me to do!

And thank you, dear reader, for your prayer support.