I’m not nearly as anxious about today as I had planned to be. The medical test results over which I had become far too concerned were posted on a web application I was requested to fill out, so I already know what the doctor will tell me, and can sort of guess what she will recommend from here: more tests. The worst-case scenario was ruled out (Praise God!) and so now we will try to find the real cause of my problem. One possibility that my precious bride, dear friend, and research partner found for me was a ridiculously simple one: lay off one of the spices I use to flavor my food. Excesses of it are shown to cause the very symptom I am having. I will discuss it with my specialist this afternoon and see what comes next. Until then, I don’t want to defame the awesome substance without cause. I’ll talk about it later. I’m not talking much about the problem, because I am living in the victory over it. When I know more, I’ll say more. Thank you for your prayer support always!
Whatever happens, I know I am in God’s hands.

Psalm 73:26 (NRSV)
My flesh and my heart may fail,
but God is the strength[Heb rock] of my heart and my portion forever.

Romans 12-11 KLOVEIn other news, I went running with a group last night. I bought my first pair of running shoes a couple weeks ago and, according to recommendations from the running experts, have been running three times a week with the help of a beginner’s application that regulates run-walk-run intervals. Running with the app has been fairly elementary, but I jumped the gun and ran a 5K last night without any walking breaks. It was quite a big deal for me, as I have never run a 5K before. I’ve walked them in support of causes and such, but never run one. Funny thing: I forgot to time myself until I passed the “one mile” sign. I had planned to take walk breaks, but since I started the timer after passing that sign, I felt I just had to (and could) keep running to see what kind of time it took me to run a mile. I ran the second mile, slightly slower than the first, in 10:30. The rest of the 3.14 miles (It was called a pi-K. Get it? Pi (π) = 3.14) took another 11:10. That’s pretty good for a beginner I’m told. There were lots of more experienced runners far behind me, but no one there felt the joy of accomplishment like I did. I guarantee that! It was a conflict for me though, because this running group meets on the same night as one of my favorite OA meetings (the first one I ever attended on May 11, 2010). I have a home group on Saturday, and another local meeting on Monday night; and the other available group run conflicts with church on Sunday, so this was the only option for me to attend. I’ve petitioned a few people at church to try to drum up interest in a church community group run on another night of the week, but so far no one’s off the couch.
There is a beginner’s running program starting in May in my area, that is said to help even morbidly obese and inactive people go from couch to a half marathon (13.1 miles) in just 26 weeks, using the run-walk-run interval method. I told the ambassador of this group that I was in fellowship with some folks who just might be interested in turning over a more active leaf. Could your Action Plan use a boost? I certainly would like some company out there on the road! Anybody want to join me?

Dear Father, today, I am trusting in You. I will not be afraid. Help me not be afraid, but to live in the abundant life which You came to restore (John 10:10).