Mark 3:2 NRSV

They watched him to see whether he would cure him on the sabbath, so that they might accuse him.

The religious elite persecuted Jesus. Can you get your mind around that? The ones who were supposedly experts in all things godly, didn’t recognize Him when they had the opportunity to enjoy a personal relationship with Him. They were spiritually sick, as evidenced by their motives. Uninterested in whether the maimed was healed, they were only interested in an opportunity to one-up the newcomer holy man.

Sound familiar? How many times have you heard of, witnessed, or perpetrated such an act? Someone claims a spiritual insight that goes against our understanding and we level both barrels of accusation at them, itching for a reason to pull the trigger. Spiritual sickness doesn’t recognize it is sick, but it sure can’t tolerate the spiritually healthy.

I was a great persecutor of Christians who didn’t do it right or who had mistaken theologies. I was merciless as I lay in wait for someone to slip up on whom I could boost my stature by comparison.

Dear Father, today, help me see what I have in common with my neighbors, rather than trying to elevate myself by crushing anyone. You have given me grace. I can do nothing but accept it and reflect it to others. Thank You for saving me from myself!