Following Bible Gateway’s New Testament in a Year reading plan, I read of Jesus’ baptism in Matthew 3. I’m fairly sure I would have objected just like John the Baptist did. What could You need washed away, Sinless One? But Jesus’ response shows that there is more to baptism than just repentance and a ceremonial washing away of sin. That kind of baptism might have been considered “John’s baptism” as it was described in Acts 19:3-4. Jesus’ “fulfillment of all righteousness” (v. 15), however, comes as an example to His disciples, it is the precursor and some say catalyst for the arrival of the Holy Spirit (though it is not always so according to Acts 10:47), and was the point at which God confirmed Jesus’ sonship even as Jesus was burying the flesh and rising to spirit life.

Dear Father, today, I celebrate my baptism, re-dedicating myself to the union and relationship to which I was reborn at that moment. Help me live in that state of renewal, perpetually connected and aligned with You and Your purposes as I go about seeking Your will for my life.