I am trying to remain content in my circumstances, considering that at least I have it better than Job did, I should at least be able to handle my minor difficulties with as much grace as he had. I have destroyed another laptop by accidental mishap, so I am typing this on my mobile device. Fortunately, WordPress has an app for that! 🙂 My trunk is loaded with pesticide, because my home has another infestation. This time it’s ticks instead of termites. I’m not pleased, but I am asking God to rebuke the devourer from off my household, so my resources aren’t so depleted on repairs and remedies. It seems that ever since Mrs. L and I decided to go into full-time long term ministry the attacks have kept coming. I guess we are doing something right. The enemy wouldn’t waste the energy on me if I wasn’t making strides against him.

I’m a day late getting started, but I am planning to follow along with Bible Gateway’s “New Testament in a Year” reading plan. The reading today was Matthew 2 (although I also read Matthew 1 to catch up). In it, I noticed three times (verses 5, 17, and 23) where something happened to fulfill Scripture. Prior to their being fulfilled, folks must have wondered why the Scriptures are so contradictory. One says the Messiah would come from Bethlehem, another Egypt, and another Nazareth. The chances that all three would be right are astronomical. (Astronomical… Star rising… Punny!)

What I got out of this is that God keeps His promises, even when they look impossible, confusing, or contradictory. I cannot judge my condition or progress with my senses or my human intellect, I have to see by faith. Those who believed the Messiah would come as the prophets said, believed in spite of the conflicts with human reason and worldly wisdom. I, too, must believe when everything else says not to. When the world tells me to give up, I travel on. When the wind and the waves lick at my heels, I tread the water in Jesus’ direction. God will make a way when it seems there is no way!

“This was to fulfill what had been spoken by The Lord through the prophet…” Matthew 2:15, NRSV

Dear Father, today, help me trust in You through the fog of my disappointments and fears until You become clearer to me than my disappointments and fears. …And please help me select the right replacement for my broken laptop.