“Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, nor are the eyes of man ever satisfied.” (Proverbs 27:20, NASB)

The day after Christmas is usually one marked with quite a bit of violence.  Apparently, people either grow tired of one another during all that holiday togetherness, or the answer may be in this verse.  Insatiable expectations are always disappointed.  We compulsive eaters and addicts know too well what that is like.  There is no such thing as enough, and too much won’t be too much for very long.

Accepting God’s will for us and His power to carry it out means that we are willing to rely on His provision, neither hoarding nor fretting about our lack of resource.  He will provide.  This does not relieve us of the responsibility to make preparations.  God’s Word speaks against laziness and for prudent diligence.  However, it does mean that we give up the “what if” worries that once plagued us.  We don’t hide from circumstances that used to trouble us.

I know that the provisions on my plan of eating will be enough, and I am grateful to God for making them enough to get me through to the next meal.  I am satisfied with His count, His measure, His provision.  The truth is that whatever He gives, He adds no trouble to (Proverbs 10:22).  Conversely, whatever I hoard or amass for myself usually spoils or causes me harm.

Dear Father, today, I thank You for my portion.  Help me be content with my share, and to share with others what You have given me.