You should have seen me this morning! I was tired, cold, annoyed, running late, but went to the gym anyway, as part of my action plan requires me to do. I was thinking of all the things that went wrong for me to be as behind in my daily schedule as I was, forgetting to be grateful and instead grumbling about how little I felt like sticking to the plan, when I finally walked into the gym. As soon as I got in there, the head physical trainer stopped me and said, “Thank God! You’re right on time! I need you!” He then introduced me to some newcomers to the gym, and asked me to share with them my story. I got to share my faith, my recovery from compulsive overeating, and my simple workout regimen that keeps me from doing what I feel like or any over exercise to which I could become addicted. All three responded favorably and I felt a connection with one, who I am sure will speak with me some more. God is amazing! He turned my schedule over on itself to accommodate a divine appointment. What’s more, He did it so I could still finish my workout and get to work on time, even though my dog ran away during the process. I got him back too, the little canine Houdini!

I have been thinking about my recent statement that, although we profess to share our “experience, strength, and hope” in recovery fellowship(s), I only have experience to share, since my strength is God’s and my hope comes only from Him also. Today, my attention was drawn to this, a portion of Colossians 1:27 (NIV):

“Christ in you, the hope of glory”

The context is represented in the excerpt. Paul is describing the reconciliation of the Lord’s people (v.26), who are collectively Christ’s body (v.24), once alienated by evil behavior (v.21). God has chosen to put the hope of glory, the Spirit of Christ Himself, inside those of us who are His message. There is most definitely hope to share! He lives within me. My only strength, my Higher Power, the Highest Power, lives and shines in me like a light in a lamp. The lamp has nothing to share on its own, but as a good lamp, I will share the light within me, Jesus Christ, the only hope for humanity.

Dear Father, today, I thank You for orchestrating my steps. I thank You for forgiving me for being shortsighted and impatient this morning. Thank You for giving me the opportunity to shine Your light at the gym and in places since that appointment. Thank You for bringing Duke home and for helping me manage the time You created and control. Thank You for my job and for the ministry opportunities it brings. Help me to better recognize Your will and to have the determination and power to carry it out.