Dear Recovery Sponsor,

Yesterday, I received a compliment that could only happen because of recovery.  I have long dreamed of being thought of in this manner, but never believed it was possible.  A friend called me to share a hope, a concern, and this statement:

“You know that song, Speak Life?   I heard it the other day and thought of you.”

My eyes are still moist just thinking of the work God has done and continues to do.  Imagine me being thought of as a positive person!  It just doesn’t seem to fit my pattern.  I still bear the scars of my own rage and bitterness.  How could someone think of me in this way?  Were it not for the grace and goodness of God it would be impossible.  God changes things.  Even me!


Dear Father, today, make me a mouthpiece of Your abundant life, a minister of Your love.  To make way for Your work, I sacrifice Self and all that goes with it.  Help me be faithful to this, Your purpose, and remain pliable in Your hands as You recreate me according to Your perfect design.


Speak Life, by TobyMac