I got up way before the chickens this morning to make it to the recovery convention being hosted in my home town. I feel ill-equipped to speak at these things, but submitted to speak when asked to talk about Step One. I always feel pressured to share my “experience, strength, and hope.” That’s a lot of demand! I don’t feel strong or hopeful. Failure seems sure. So I decided to just share my experience. Any strength in it comes from God, and any hope one finds from listening comes from them, not me. Since I have had the experience of Step One, I just shared that. God showed up and did His part, and it went well (at least I think it did).

It’s great to be around so many seeking and finding recovery from self-will and food obsession! I wish everyone could be here. The longer I live, the more I believe most all of us need some sort of recovery plan.

Dear Father, today, I submit to Your transforming power. Be in me whatever You will, so that Your power, Your love, and Your way of life might be attractive to somebody who’s hurting.