You want to know something weird?  I got a brand new email address when I came into my recovery program, in order to keep my anonymity.  That’s not the weird part, because my primary email address has my first and last names as part of it.  So I developed two email personalities, one for those who knew me from program and one for the rest of the world.  The irony is that, as I began to recover my sanity and relationship with God as a result of my association with the anonymous group that caused me to separate my email identities, I was praying for integrity of heart, a undivided heartprayer I got straight out of Psalm 86:11 (NIV).

Teach me your way, O LORD,

and I will walk in your truth;

give me an undivided heart,

that I may fear your name.

I was recently testifying to a friend that the greatest liberation for me has been that I am no longer two people, the one I presented to the world and the one I was secretly in the dark.  I am being formed into the integrity for which I have prayed, and this is exciting!  I am still using a whole lot more than just two email addresses, but the great news is that no matter what Internet handle I use, I have an undivided heart, with a purpose that comes from the One who is holy and knows my future.