dance shoesYesterday was marked with discontent.  Hurrying along on a mission I didn’t want to do, according to a plan I didn’t make, to pursue a goal I didn’t appreciate, taking action that was appropriate but felt harmful.  I finished the day wishing I was someone else, doing something else, living somewhere else.  I even remarked to someone, “This is the kind of day that makes me hate this job.”  Now that’s discontent!

The truth is, it was the next step in a long line of steps that make up the journey from where I was to where I am going.  I took that step faithfully, and I will take today’s step too, perhaps with less grumbling.  God instructs me, in Colossians 3:17

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Dear Father, today, help me recognize that every step isn’t a dance, but that each one is necessary to get me to the place where You want me to end up.  I submit to Your service, Lord, the fun stuff and the not-so-fun.  Be my joy, and sustain me when the circumstances threaten my serenity.  Help me be patient with my station in life until You graduate me to the next one.  Even as You provide each meal and keep me sane between them, help me survive the dry and empty moments between the manna of Your tangible presence in the monotony of daily life.