Psalm 32:7 (NKJV)

You are my hiding place;
You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah

songs of deliveranceGod, my Refuge and Savior, has surrounded me with “songs of deliverance,” and He will do it again when I join with the chorus of the redeemed.  I sang some new songs of deliverance the other day when I received the results of my physical examination.  I’ll sing a new one tonight, after He allowed me to dispense sweets to several carnival booths at a festival outreach project at my local church without stealing away to eat them.  I’ll sing my songs of deliverance because He was faithful to deliver me.  He has delivered me from Satan’s bondage, from selfish bondage, and he will deliver me from the bondage of this Earthly body of flesh.  My part is to sing His songs of deliverance.

One way God surrounds us with songs of deliverance comes when we surround ourselves with the sounds of the delivered here on Earth.  When I group with others who have come out of their respective bondage and celebrate it openly, I get to hear their songs and share mine with them. The word of our testimony is one of the three things that save us from the accuser according to Revelation 12:11, (the others being the blood of the Lamb and our preference to die rather than serve selfishness).  The word of our testimony, our song of deliverance, doesn’t have to be melodious to bring God glory.  Every time we share what God has done for us, God is glorified, whether our audience listens, cares, responds, or not.

Great and gracious Father, today I thank You for Your loving kindness and Your diligence to pursue me when I ran so far and fast from Your embrace.  I praise You for unwrapping me from the tangled mess I had gotten myself into with food addiction and compulsive self-service.  The magnitude of my difficulties just shows all that much more how magnificent You are to have saved me from them.  Today, dear Father, I sing of Your deliverance.  Multiply my song here among those who would hear my verse and add theirs.  All glory to God!