John 2:5 NIV
[5] His mother said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

The guests were clueless, the banquet master was impressed, but it was the faithful servants that obeyed who witnessed the miraculous work of Jesus. The all-surpassing joy of knowing God, hearing God, and watching God do His works is reserved for those who draw near to Him in obedience. Grace buys our entrance to the wedding supper, but the greatest view of the miraculous works of what everyone else sees as a strange mixup comes to those who “do whatever he tells you.”

Dear Father, today, keep me close to Your side, and as choices, temptations, and tasks come, may I always hear the words of this Scripture, “do whatever he tells you” and faithfully obey. God, I thank You for saving me and for carrying me along, but I want to know You more, to sample the wine I knew was water, and to be a part of Your next miraculous works in the lives of those around me. Lord, I know I can’t see you if I’m being disobedient, so Papa, help me overcome my natural draw to go my own way. Free me from this carnal flesh and its warped mind, and shine from it instead Your heavenly light. May Jesus be glorified! Amen!