I changed my plan and cancelled my gym workout in preference for taking my mandatory, timed, one-chance only online test. I was five minutes into it when my laptop mousepad failed, glitching all over the screen rather than following my control commands. I’m afraid my first reaction was neither serene nor sane, and even when I prayed, it was not in quiet whispers. Still, I remembered who was in control even when things seemed haywire to me, and I gave it to Him as much as I could while clawing at the malfunctioning keypad and Control-Tabbing my way through what was supposed to be an open-ebook test. With God’s help, I managed to finish just in time, and even made an A.

Later, as I was praying the Third Step Prayer, which I had inadvertently delayed, I got to the part that says, “Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness…” when it occurred to me:

Without difficulties, we have no witness!

If all I ever had to say was, “Life is always perfect, and I always smell like roses,” you would know one of two things is true: either I am a liar, or we have nothing in common. Either way, my testimony is moot. So, praise God for the grace to get through the little annoyances, the medium sized hurdles, and the gigantic obstacles. The Maker of mountains is match enough for all of them!

If you think of it, and are of a mind to pray for me as this weekend continues to unfold, I would appreciate it.

Your very human brother,