I am a gratefully recovering compulsive overeater, abstinent by the grace of God one more day at a time.

I have been busier than ever, and even took yesterday off work to get as much of my school work done as I could before my departure for prison ministry this weekend (Thursday through Sunday).  I miss not having my full formal devotional times to read, reflect and write, but I hope to resume them soon.  I have been reading and sending out the daily entries of Food for Thought, and have been listening to Our Daily Bread and sermons on digital audio media each morning and as I go about. Even devoting my days to schoolwork lately, I have not been able to get everything done in the number of hours each day has.  Twice in the past few days, I stayed up past 3am doing school studies; I have skipped the gym once and likely will again; and you can see that my recovery journal has been neglected.

Still, I am very excited about all God is doing in my life.  Even though it is not easy, and represents a lot of unknowns, I am not anxious about it; just looking forward to seeing what happens next.  Still, I’m not missing out on the what’s happening now.  This prison ministry is a little of both those things, as it is a ministry I can do with no more training than I have received, and yet this particular ministry is notorious for packing in a crowd with the promise of lots of recreational food, which I will be serving but of which I will not be partaking.  In fact, we will be taking our meals at the prison, so the menu is not in my control, which poses an interesting debacle for me.  My normal plan of eating is comprised of times and calorie limits with abstinence from some foods and behaviors built in.  This weekend, I will not have the luxury of taking my food or measuring devices into the prison, so I will be eating one serving of whatever they serve minus desserts, sweets and nachos, and I will hope the sugar content of the food God bestows on my will be tolerable.  It will all work out.