Faith vs FearFear can motivate change, but it is a lousy engine for long-term recovery.  Diabetes, Hypertension, shortness of breath, and immobility are all excellent reasons for an about-face from the eating habits that kill, but only serve as short-term motivators at best.  We who feel we don’t deserve better, are rarely moved in any great amount from the slow suicide we once embraced.  Faith, however, is the deep heart knowledge that one was created for a purpose, with a unique set of traits that make one special, that one’s Creator views him/her as valuable, and that this Creator will provide all that is necessary to become all that was intended.  Faith is being convinced, beyond a shadow of the temporary, in what can be.  Faith allows one to live in the present, with hope set on the future; while fear only prods its practitioner out of reach or view of danger, and lulls the fearful into a false sense of safety.

Fear motivates to do the minimum and no more.

Faith propels us past our maximum and reveals the reality that we are without limits.