Today is a great chance for trying new things.  I dare you… No!  I double-dog dare you to listen to the positive, encouraging music on for one hour.  One hour!  Not one day, not thirty days, not a year, but one hour.  I’m not selling the radio station, but it is the one to which I listen and I wanted to share it with you, and since it streams online anywhere in the world, it’s a nice medium to share globally.  It has been an enriching part of my life for more than a year.  I have often called it “the soundtrack of my recovery.”  Almost all the songs I highlight on this blog come from my exposure to them on K-LOVE radio.  I hope that your life is enriched in that hour and that you are blessed by this challenge.  God be with you this new day, this New Year, and always!

Why not listen with me for an hour and see what happens?

Listen online          or         Find a local station near you