I was amazed to read how Dr. Karen Dunn’s blog post (below) captured what has been on my spirit lately. She says it more eloquently than I could.

Karen Roth, Ph.D.

For if you would enter into all that I have for you, you must walk by faith upon the waters. You must forever relinquish your doubts; and your thoughts of self-preservation you must forever cast aside. For I will carry you, and I will sustain you by My power in the ways that I have chosen and prepared for you. You shall not take even the first step in your own strength.  (From, Come Away my Beloved by Frances J. Roberts)

To continually walk and live by faith is one of the greatest challenges we face as believers. To trust a spiritual path in the midst of reality, among those who do not believe, is exceedingly difficult. There are many times that I find myself questioning myself and my chosen way of life. However, I’ve noticed that my deepest times of doubt are when I seek advice and approval…

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