I just have to tell this!  Even after this morning’s abbreviated devotion, when I yielded to the will of my Higher Power and adjusted my schedule to meet His plan, I was interrupted again and again.  Delays and intrusions peppered me on the way to my first stop, each one requiring my attention and, more importantly, my patient acceptance.  I addressed each one with a sigh and a dutiful response to serve and be patient, protecting here, helping there, encouraging those who approached me in spite of the delay they caused me.  As I began to consciously review the opportunities God had placed in my path on this short jaunt to my first appointment, the phone rang.  Another interruption!  This one was from the second appointment, the one about which I had laid the most anxiety at the feet of my Higher Power.   It was a much desired cancellation!  God relieved me of the burden of my day when I gave the day to Him.

I still have a few appointments to keep, but they are service-driven, and I welcome the opportunity to shed my blood, sweat and tears to help someone else today.  Those three resources always grow back!

God reminded me, through the events of my morning, that when the day goes completely according to my plan, I have no opportunity to yield.  Sure, the life I live as a matter of habit should conform to the will of my Higher Power in general all-encompassing terms, but abundant, extraordinary Life is not mundane or routine, and therefore can rarely be experienced without interruption of the plans of man.  It is in submission to the interruption that His interventions are facilitated and His miracles are witnessed.  I want to be a miracle-chaser, an opportunity-seeker, like one of those storm-hunters who go where the conditions are optimal for God’s hand to stir.

As I pondered these things while pounding out my gym routine, I heard the echo of my answer to a question posed at last night’s meeting.  I was asked to describe the one most important thing I had done that unlocked the changes in my recovery.  Since God has done everything else, all I could answer was, “I took what I feel like out of it.”  As I stomped on my stationary step, the song, “All for You” by MikesChair was playing in my headphones, and an equation spilled onto the pages of my brain:  knowledge and belief plus action over circumstances when emotions are completely factored out is the very definition of faithful living.  “We have entered the world of the Spirit,” as page 84 of the Big Book puts it.  God adds to my understanding every time I open myself to the outpouring of His knowledge, so as one end of the equation grows, so should the other.

When I made it home and read my Proverb chapter for the day, I found that verse 32 seemed to say, “What are the plans of man anyway?”

If you have played the fool and exalted yourself,
or if you have planned evil,
clap your hand over your mouth!
(Proverbs 30:32)

Holy Spirit, blow through me and fill me.  Keep me growing toward the Father, in the name of the Son, Jesus!  Make my life abundantly vital, that the desperate souls nearby might be attracted to the Light of Life they see reflected in it, and be saved from their darkness.  I submit my entire life to the Father’s purpose, plan and provision.  May I do God’s will only, always…and cheerfully!  Amen.