I am a recovering compulsive overeater, abstinent by the grace of God one more day at a time.  For details, check out my food journal.

From today’s entry in Voices of Recovery:

“Over the years, I have learned that humility is different from humiliation. Humility means that I recognize I am not doing this alone. It means that I realize there is a God, and it isn’t me!”

Humility, the spiritual principle behind OA’s Tradition Twelve and the concept of anonymity, is merely an honest acceptance of our proper place under alignment with God.  It is being humble voluntarily, whereas humiliation is to become humble by force.  I prefer the voluntary version.  A daily reaffirmation of my value to God helps me keep from having to prove my value to other people or myself later in the day.  When I am content to be precious in God’s sight, I am satisfied to cease backbiting and climbing on others struggling for the perceived superiority I once craved.

From Proverbs 24:

11 Rescue those being led away to death;
hold back those staggering toward slaughter.”

Who are the deceived?  Who are those being corralled for slaughter?  Whether I look at this from the perspective of a human among dying humans, a recovering compulsive overeater in an obese population blinded by the self-indulgent lies of mass marketing, or as the author more likely intended, as a warrior, prince, and priest of God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ, I have an urgent call to action.  The following verse removes any excuse, “12 If you say, ‘But we knew nothing about this,’ does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?  Does not he who guards your life know it?  Will he not repay each person according to what he has done?”

How can I sit still when so many are dying in body, in soul, and in spirit?  Will He who has rescued me pardon me for fleeing the prison gates that contain so many while I still hold the key?  This is where Steps Three, Eleven and Twelve collide.  Offering myself to God to do His will, seeking His will and the power to carry it out, and carrying the messages of freedom to the still imprisoned are more than just a gracious gesture, they are the fulfillment of the purpose for my recovery.  They are the very reason I was set free!

God, encourage and empower me to fulfill Your purpose for me.

From my reading through the Bible, currently in Psalm 44 and 45:

Psalm 44 begins by hailing the greatness of God to the nation of Israel, although the acknowledgment translates well to any of God’s faithful who have found victory.

3 It was not by their sword that they won the land,
nor did their arm bring them victory;
it was your right hand, your arm,
and the light of your face, for you loved them.”

Then, the Levites who wrote this song cried out for the deliverance of which history had proved God was capable, but for which they hungered at the time.  Their language is strangely significant to today’s meditation on the urgency and mortality of the human condition.

22 Yet for your sake we face death all day long;
we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”

26 Rise up and help us;
redeem us because of your unfailing love.”

Psalm 45 is a prophetic song to the expected Messiah, the “Mighty One.”  In it, I even found confirmation of my previous statement concerning my role as prince of His kingdom with a responsibility.

4 In your majesty ride forth victoriously
in behalf of truth, humility and righteousness;
let your right hand display awesome deeds.”

16 Your sons will take the place of your fathers;
you will make them princes throughout the land.
17 I will perpetuate your memory through all generations;
therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever.”

From the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous, page 89

“This is our twelfth suggestion: Carry this message to other alcoholics! You can help when no one else can. You can secure their confidence when others fail. Remember they are very ill. Life will take on new meaning. To watch people recover, to see them help others, to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends—this is an experience you must not miss.”


“Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”  3 John 2