One of my childhood heroes, a cartoon television show host named Cowboy Bob, used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”  I have often omitted the daily details of my life, considering that the public version of my journal might be less encouraging with the daily struggles included.  But I have to admit, I can only relate to people who struggle, so allow me to be honest about a couple things that have been darkening the skies over my head recently.

Mortgage, marriage, and muscle are the new golden arches of my insanity lately.  I am trusting God to do what I cannot do, but having trouble doing my part with regard to all three of these things.  The economy has hurt my household in several gut-punches over the last year, and I am struggling to keep my financial head above water, while my house remains well under it.  Likewise, I am powerless over others, but responsible to my relationships with them, and none so much as with my bride.  The “live and let live” routine has gotten a little more hands-off then I would prefer, and the distance between me and the object of my affection has grown painfully long.  Add to that, the shape God is sculpting me into has apparently required more muscle mass, which registers on the scale in pounds.  My history has programmed me to fear a climbing scale needle, but what I fear is in contrast to what I know, and that is that God knows what He is doing, and He is faithful to accomplish what He started, if I am faithful to let Him do it.  Submission is difficult, but it is easier than faithful action, and faith without works is just as dead as rebellion.

More than any craving I have endured, I am hungry to know God’s will for me and to have the power to carry that out!  Being still and resting is the prescription for the day, but I thought I might add why that is such a struggle for me today.

God bless you as you endure your own hardship today, and seek and follow His will for you.

Your companion in recovery,