Today, I am enjoying the fellowship and hospitality of a wonderful group of fellows in recovery I just met. This family goes everywhere I do. Thank God for OA!

Because I am at a retreat center without Wi-fi, I am posting remotely from my phone. (No frills.)

Voices of Recovery
“Through ‘putting down the food and picking up the steps,’ the desire to overeat compulsively has been lifted. Thank you, God. Thank you, OA. If it can happen for me and for countless others, it can happen for you, too.”

Proverbs 4:2
“I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching.”

2 Chronicles 17:3-4
“The LORD was with Jehoshaphat because in his early years he walked in the ways his father David had followed. He did not consult the Baals but sought the God of his father and followed his commands…”

God, help me faithfully follow. I know some of your children are walking in my steps. Keep me firmly planted in Yours.