It’s been almost a month since I put together the blog site to replace my daily emails.  I am impressed with how well it is working and pleased to give you the control of whether or not and how often you receive notifications in your email box.  Online journaling is my primary tool of writing and one of my favorite means of supporting my own recovery.  I am grateful to any who follow these posts.  You are far more than a line in a list of subscribed email addresses; you are fellows reaching out your hand to help me along my road of recovery.  Every time I consider taking that extra bite, I think of you and the report I would make the next day.  You help God keep me sane just by being there.  I am grateful to Him and you!

By way of housekeeping, and because of some feedback I have received lately, I wanted to post a brief explanation that would help you get the most out of this online journal.


I am humbled to hear how some of you have found my journal of recovery helps to strengthen your recovery.  It is doubly humbling to hear that some of you have even decided to share it with others.  Some have inquired whether and how this could be done.  First, allow me to wholeheartedly invite you to share anything that strengthens you with any others who may benefit from it.  The usefulness of this tool is multiplied in its sharing.  You can do this in a couple of ways.  The notification emails you receive can be forwarded on a one-by-one basis, just like any other email.  This is an easy and effective way, but it does eliminate the recipients’ control of whether or not they receive such emails.  Alternatively, you are welcome to direct interested parties to the web address of (with no “www”) to subscribe for themselves in the same way you did.  Furthermore, there have recently been features and pages added to the blog site, including a description of my action planlists of my favorite psalmsprayers, Bible verses, foods, and resources that support my recovery, as well as my food log which helps to keep me accountable.  So I encourage you to visit and browse the site.  I hope you find something useful.  This transparency is only possible with anonymity, which I appreciate your help in maintaining.


Admitting powerlessness over food, persons, places and circumstances is vital to recovery.  Experiencing loss even of perceived control can be grieving, and I wish to add no grief to the life of anyone.  In keeping with this purpose, I offer you and any future subscribers control of notification settings.  Every notification email has options for managing notification frequency.  While my sponsor taught me to live my life “one day at a time,” and I have applied that even to my tool use and writing, you have the option of receiving notifications instantly, daily, or by weekly summary.  To access these settings, go to the blog site, and in the upper right corner find the button to “manage” such settings, or click the link at the bottom of each such email you receive.


I recently read a book called It’s Not About Me, and I swear the author wrote it with me in mind.  Of course, that is why I can’t go to football games: every time the twelve men huddle up on the field, I’m convinced it is me they are talking about!  While the original purpose of my writing was to organize my thoughts and put words to the spiritual direction I receive daily, I concede that the words of my lips, pen, or keyboard are not my own, but are for more ears than just mine.  For that reason, I encourage recipients to interact by sharing their own comments online.  The blog resources allow for this by use of the “comment” button at the bottom of every post and of each email notification.  Please consider yourself invited to interact as you like.  Feedback to your comments will be posted on the blog, so be sure to check back or subscribe to comments by clicking the “notify me” radio button on any comment section.  As moderator, I will do my best to protect the anonymity of anyone sharing.  For this purpose, references to geographic locations or identifying characteristics, such as email addresses with last names included, will be redacted.  “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all these traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” (Tradition Twelve of Overeaters Anonymous)

I hope this helps you to get the most or least, as you prefer, out of my online recovery journal.  I thank you again for being the purpose behind the act of sharing my devotions.  I offer them daily to God, as I do my very self, to build with them and to do with them as He wills.  May He bless you richly as you seek more and more of His will for your own life and His power to carry that out!

Your companion in recovery,