I am abstinent by the grace of God, one more day at a time.


My wife and I began a seven-week marriage class yesterday.  Such seminars serve to facilitate growth, but usually do so by leveling some misconceptions and cutting away faulty structures, and that can often be a painful process.  Such peeling, scraping, building and restructuring can leave one (or two) raw, and I will have to be especially on guard against self-centered responses that threaten to harm and not heal.


I was listening to K-Love Radio, as usual, during my workout yesterday, and was amazed at how the songs played were such an amazing soundtrack to my recovery.  As I was trekking along on the elliptical machine, the words, “I am running to You” played.  As I repeatedly dipped and bobbed on the back extension rack, the music rang, “I lift my eyes to the Maker.”  Later, while I was pressing out reps on the resistance machines, I was strengthened with songs that said, “I am being remade, I am new” and “You make beautiful things,” and reminded me “Who I am to You.”  It occurred to me what a useful tool encouraging, uplifting music that affirms my spiritual connection to God is.  Currently, that particular nationally-syndicated station is issuing a 30-day challenge, daring folks to listen exclusively to Christian music for that period and see what a difference it makes.  I would never presume to instruct or inflict my will or way on fellows in recovery to such an extent, but I dare anyone to listen for an hour and see if something played doesn’t strike a chord.  A list of local frequencies can be found on their website: www.KLove.com, which also allows for online streaming.



From Today’s entry in Voices of Recovery:

The answers to life are not in the refrigerator or pantry.  That was the problem.  Today I live in the answer – the Steps and the tools.  I changed residence, and the problem went away.


I heard someone recently say that she has two types of days: Army days and Nike days.  Some days she likes to “Be all you can be” and other days it was all she could do to “Just do it!”  Either way, motion is key to relocation from insanity to sanity.  I can’t get to a new life without taking some action of some kind.  There is no moving without movement!  Uprooting old ways, habits, and comfort zones took (and continues to take) a lot of work.  As a recovering control and self-concern addict, anything that requires work is contrary to my self-gratifying lazy nature.  But it is that nature that keeps me sick, and which I have to continually sacrifice on the altar of recovery.  “God, relieve (or rescue) me of the bondage of self.”  Relocating from the problem (insanity of food and food behaviors) to the solution (spiritual fitness through the Steps and tools) facilitates the recovery I seek (usefulness and purpose).



From Proverbs Chapter 24:

3 By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established;


Since VOR had me moving into a new house, I was sensitive to this verse which has me building a new one.  It strikes me that building the house must come first.  I am blessed to have the Steps and tools as sort of a pre-fabricated construction kit.  Through the program of recovery, I get to share the wisdom and understanding of those who have proved the materials and design before me.  I still have to do the work, but in the insanity of the compulsive overeating life, I would never have made it without borrowing from someone else’s wisdom and understanding to get started.  It is a frustrating enigma to be both powerless and pathologically self-sufficient!  I am so glad I had the footsteps of those who came before me in which to follow.



From my reading through the Bible, currently in 2 Chronicles 4 and 5:


Chapter 4 describes the number and some of the detail of the furnishings of the Temple.  Chapter 5 describes the relocation of the articles into the Temple.  How typical of God to orchestrate my readings to go so well together!  “5:1 When all the work Solomon had done for the temple of the LORD was finished, he brought in the things his father David had dedicated – the silver and gold and all the furnishings – and he placed them in the treasuries of God’s temple.”  As I am refined into my useful shape and constructed into a purposeful tool, I have the promise of being used in a good and appropriate place.  I will be moved into that purpose as I am remade to the corresponding tool, always given the ability before the opportunity.  When I assume my role with the other tools, I will find myself in good company, to the glory of the One who made me.  “13 Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, they raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang: ‘He is good; his love endures forever.’ Then the temple of the LORD was filled with a cloud… 14 for the glory of the LORD filled the temple of God.


Precious Father, make me useful, then employ me to Your purpose, and fill me – Your temple, with Your glory so that nothing but You can be seen in me.



From the “Big Book” of Alcoholics Anonymous, page 130:

This dream world has been replaced by a great sense of purpose, accompanied by a growing consciousness of the power of God in our lives.  We have come to believe He would like us to keep our heads in the clouds with Him, but that our feet ought to be firmly planted on earth.  That is where our fellow travelers are, and that is where our work must be done.  These are the realities for us.  We have found nothing incompatible between a powerful spiritual experience and a life of sane and happy usefulness.”



Have a blessed day (OD@aT)

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” (3 John 2)