Today I am practicing some of the “surrender” discussed in the morning meeting I attended.  I have to surrender to my own limitations.  I am having trouble balancing attendance at a Saturday meeting or Sunday church service, working my program, getting myself dressed and ready before going to work, and doing all my typical reading and writing that I enjoy doing on days when I do not juggle all these things.  So, on Saturdays and Sundays on which I work, I will no longer attempt to complete my reading and writing.  It is healthier to realize my limitations and live within them than to try to do everything I want to do just because I would like to do them. 


It is on days like this when listening might be a good practice.  Here are some of the things I’ve been listening to:


I have adopted “I Am New” by Jason Gray and Joel Hanson as my new anthem of my recovery.  I prayed this song today and my spirit was crumbled.  You can hear it online at


Another one I really enjoyed during yesterday’s workout is called “Whatever You’re Doing (Something Heavenly)” available for listening online at


I got an email broadcast from Family First referencing an article called 10 Tips to Overcome Temptations, and I thought somebody must be reading recovery material.  It is a good read and reemphasizes certain points of our recovery program.


My takeaway from the meeting this morning: Surrender is not a single action, but a continuous “prayer-act” of living out the submissive prayer of my morning; it is a spiritual condition that I must carry with me wherever I go. 


Have a blessed day!  (OD@aT)