Voices of Recovery today mentioned the attachment of emotions to eating, for the compulsive overeater. The contributor writes, “The OA program has taught me to reach out for emotional nourishment instead.” This makes me consider making an emotional plan of nourishment. I feed my spirit with Scripture, prayer, meditation and worship. I feed my body four prescribed meals at defined times. But I have not been good about the emotional connections that keep this leg of my stool balanced. I reason that emails excuse me from making phone calls. I defend my omission of group meetings. (Today I really do have to miss my home group meeting for a requirement of other duties of mine.) I justify neglecting my sponsorees, or my service position requirements because of busy-ness. Today, I will have a plan for emotional health that includes interaction with my fellows. I will take care of me by reaching out to others.

The other day, I chewed on a verse that spoke of storing up the commands of God within me. Proverbs 10:14 goes nicely with that vane of thinking, “Wise men store up knowledge, but the mouth of the fool invites ruin.” I usually think of the latter part of that verse referring to the folly and hateful things that come out of a foolish mouth, but today I was thinking of how my foolish mouth has invited ruin also by the things it has craved or consumed. Elsewhere, the Bible speaks of the person as being like a ship, steered by the small rudder of the tongue. (reference to James 3:3-5) That verse, too, is universally interpreted, as I’m sure it was intended, in terms of the spoken word. I suggest, too, that what passes over the tongue in either direction, whether indulgent delicacies, defamatory remarks, or the two-way blessings of God’s children loving themselves and each other do help determine the course, heading and direction of the whole person.

Joshua 21:45 speaks for itself, “Not one of the LORD’s good promises to the house of Israel failed; every one was fulfilled.” God is worth trusting!

Specifics for today:
My weigh-in was a pound below goal at 174. Since my workouts are strange these weeks due to my shoulder injury, and the human body fluctuates, I am not going to concern myself about it. I have to miss my normal home group meeting this morning, because of a new obligation to a responsibility I assumed at church. This will be a one-day conflict; not a weekly thing. I will be serving at Intergroup today, and praying for the grace to accept with serenity the things which cannot be changed there. Later tonight, I have been asked to speak at a telephone meeting for “100-pounders” (those who have lost or need to lose 100 or more physical pounds). I am praying for peace about that, and trusting God to provide me the words to say to that group, and that the fruit of my lips may nourish many. (reference to Proverbs 10:21)