Voices of Recovery today reads, “In Step Three…I turn my will and my life over to God as I understood Him, and this includes my choices and their consequences. When faced with decisions today, I can take time out to ask my Higher Power’s will for me, and trust that the answers will come, if I am open to listening.” God keep me attentive to my decision-making points today, help me pause and turn each one over to You, and then listen and act according to Your will and not mine.

At a meeting I attended a couple days ago, the discussion topic was “obesity.” I shared that I wasn’t nearly as bothered by being called “obese” as I was “morbidly obese.” The word morbid means “of or pertaining to death.” I was deadly fat! This program of recovery is summed up nicely in Proverbs 9:6, “Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of understanding.” This verse contains the problem, the solution, the rewards and the process for maintenance! I’m grateful for God’s hand leading me to and through the 12 Steps, and for the hands of fellowship He uses to keep me coming back.

I have my devotionals in the morning, and usually before Noon the destroyer has destroyed most if not all of my progress. It is amazing to me how quickly I can lay down screech marks when rubber meets my road. Today it seemed I had no sooner gotten off my knees that I had forgotten the above words (that were on a note page in my pocket). I clashed with a computer, some lost files, and my boss who owned them. It was ugly! The ‘helping someone’ I prayed for didn’t seem to happen, and the ‘harming no one’ certainly did. Salvaging what was left of my day, I tried to be of some clerical and technical use, but it fell dramatically short of making amends for the harm I had done by 10am. I did spend an incredible amount of time in prayer today – mostly for my fellows in program and also that my boss would receive all the things I want for myself. (I think I need a black chip for the resentment I’m trying to turn loose.)