Voices of Recovery today spoke of praying for willingness. It quoted a portion of the OA12&12 (p.23) that says, “We ask and we receive, first the willingness, and then the ability. We can count on this without fail.” It occurred to me while reading this that “the miracle” doesn’t strike like lightning. For most of us, it is gradual. The words, “Celebrate progress!” came to my mind, and overflowed from my mouth. If I am feeling like it isn’t happening completely enough… Celebrate progress! If one of my fellows seems to be struggling and I am left feeling helpless… Celebrate progress! If I am feeling judgmental or superior… Celebrate progress! I am trying to apply this and patience to be content.

Proverbs 24:11, “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.” This goes to my responsibility to carry the message of hope to those who still suffer. Lord, here am I. Send me! The chant of the soldiers when Joshua was installed over them was, “Whatever you have commanded we will do, and wherever you send us we will go. (Joshua 1:16) I spent more of my morning in prayerful offering myself to God that usual, and I enjoyed the connection.

It seemed to be of use, because God used me repeatedly. I had an extremely busy day today, and missed out on my regular meeting and Wednesday routine (including a stop by the produce section of Publix). Now I’m out of a few things, but I can manage. I’ve got the main staples for my plan, and I am satisfied that I was used for purposes other than my own.

I have reached my newly adjusted goal weight of 175, and my sponsor has agreed that I should put the brakes on the weight loss with the return of one red potato to be added to my breakfast. This changes my calorie intake by 100 calories, back to the maintenance level of 2400 per day.

I have adjusted my workout routine to make up for the weight-lifting I cannot do with a separated shoulder (A.C. joint). I have been spending an extra five minutes on the elliptical. (Today I did 2.75 miles in 20 minutes instead of 2 in 15.) I have also added back extensions to strengthen core muscles. Today, I did the chest fly machine again, but I may have rushed back to that one too fast, as the shoulder stretches I do in between sets caused me a great deal of pain. I got called to work as I was wrapping up with my treadmill cool-down today. It’s weird hearing a mobile phone ring at 5am when you’re in a gym. I bet it’s even weirder for the person calling to hear me breathing heavy at that hour!