Proverbs 21 has a bit of wisdom for the Compulsive Overeater and other self-indulgents such as we, in verses 25 and 26, “The sluggard’s craving will be the death of him, because his hands refuse to work. All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing.” It occurs to me when reading this that indulged cravings are never satisfied, and as soon as I switch my focus to meetings the needs of others instead, my Higher Power credits me with righteousness. The part of this passage that, at first glance, doesn’t look like it fits is the refusal to work. However, honesty requires that I admit that service to others and working a program that makes me capable of getting outside my own cravings can only be described as work. To refuse to do that work qualifies even this phrase to fit me.

God, give me the opportunity to help someone, the awareness to observe that opportunity, the willingness to respond, and the resources to meet the need.