Today, I read a verse I had to look up several versions of and commentaries on to figure out. What’s strange is that I have read it many times and am still not sure I get its meaning. (I welcome comments and observations.) It reads, “From the fruit of his mouth a man’s stomach is filled; with the harvest from his lips he is satisfied.” (Proverbs 18:20) I think it is possible it means that, by sharing with others, I can expect to be fulfilled. This would be in keeping with what I know and have experienced in the fellowship of recovery. When I get to share with the hurting from my own painful experience, I am somehow satiated spiritually, and find that I don’t need to indulge the physical cravings.

Today, I remembered to return my day to God, asking Him to keep me from harming anyone, and to give me the opportunity, awareness, willingness, and resources to help someone today. The end result of His answer to that prayer was a feeling of usefulness, purpose, and satisfaction. Living for God’s purpose and by His power trivializes my worries and dwarfs my complaints. With me at the center, life is wobbly, out of control and empty; with Him there it’s steady, secure, and fruitful.

God, thank you for turning the pain of my yesterday into passion for today that builds hope for tomorrow in those you would place in my path.

Tomorrow I have to alter my Plan of Eating, in order to fast for a physical examination with a blood test. Fortunately it is an early morning appointment. I plan to take a modified portable version of my breakfast with me, so when they point me toward the candied granola bars and juice, I can eat something more in harmony with my routine. I expect to finish the day on target, but not keep to the per meal guides to which I normally adhere.