Today, I struggled from start to finish. I could tell, before anyone said anything to me, that I had the spiritual sniffles. Even as I thanked God for my abstinence and breakfast, I was sensitive enough to know to pray that God would keep me from the trouble I felt at my heels. I stayed ahead of it but only as a postal carrier narrowly escaping the chomping teeth of a ferocious canine. The destroyer often makes attempts at stealing the joy from me and my family on Sunday mornings, but this afternoon I discovered the target – I enjoyed having my whole family together. The 21yr-old birthday girl and her 18yr-old brother were both home and off work, and we enjoyed a nice lunch out at a sushi place. Had I not stayed ahead of the frothy fangs, it could have really been damaging. At this point in our lives, I never know when the four of us will all be together again. This day was worth preserving.

I am finishing up today exhausted. I was tired before I began this day, but now I am hardly able to keep my eyes open. I’m going to head for bed.