This morning I ran across a verse that I’ve seen many times, but made me think of a friend and fellow in recovery who is suffering today. He would like this verse, and I need to remember it: “Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred.” (Proverbs 15:17) I think this is the Scriptural version of, “Nothing tastes as good as abstinence feels.” Either way, I am praying for my friend’s quick recovery (from surgery) and thanking God for mine (from this disease).

I am going to dinner out later, but I have logged online with my menu choices in advance, so there will be no foul-ups at the dinner table. We are celebrating my baby girl’s 21st birthday, even though it is not until Sunday, and I have purchased a small portion of one of my binge foods, but none of it is for me. To eat any of it would be stealing. This is HER birthday, and my binge foods are not for me. It won’t be a problem, because I am carrying my abstinence with me, and planning ahead. Since I had salmon and sweet potato at lunch, I have opted for steak tonight, a dish I rarely have anymore. It’s not the “fattened calf,” just an 8oz sirloin.

I am tired, having failed to get to bed before 11 o’clock seven days in a row. I’m home early from work and no one else is here, so I think I’ll catch a nap. Or maybe I will meditate on some of my favorite Bible verses.