I’m happy to be home, back in my routine. It amazes me how much more comfortable staying abstinent is when my Plan of Eating is a matter of routine. I am also amazed at the warm sense of satisfaction and strengthened spiritual fitness I have after having spent myself in service to others more than usual these last days. Witnessing fellows in recovery have their “Aha!” moments or “spiritual breakthroughs,” is quite rewarding!

Today’s word to me referred to the harm my character defect of verbal abuse has done, and contrasted it with the asset that has begun to replace it. Proverbs 12:18, “Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” At the SOAR-8 Conference, I referred to wisdom being a reward of our willingness to change. This one punches me in the gut, because it was one of the most toxic parts of my character. Slowly but surely, my injured family members keep coming around more and more.

I am looking forward to whatever God has next. He enabled me to facilitate a college class today that did not go according to my plan for it. I ended up teaching my portion earlier than expected, but I did it with God-given serenity to match the calamity of the day. It wasn’t perfect, but the imperfections allowed for a little more class participation, which served a better purpose anyway. He’s so awesome, trusting Him only makes sense!