I had a great day with my bride today, wrapping up our adventure in Nashville. I got up early and got packed. (We had really made ourselves at home in our hotel room, with my empty suitcase folded up in the closet.) I made it to a Sunday morning “meditation,” and was a bit surprised to find that it was not a God-worshipping meditation service, like I might expect on a Sunday morning, but a group meditation of about ten people, led by a last-minute volunteer who professed an “eclectic” spirituality. It was not something I was completely comfortable with, but I took what I could use and left the rest. …Right up until we were asked if anyone would like to share what helps them in their own meditation. I spoke up and said I refer to some Scriptures when I meditate, and offered to share some. One in attendance objected, saying it would offend her. That offended me a little, but I acknowledged that she was perhaps spiritually sick and quickly prayed for her to receive all that I wanted for me, and the resentment slowly passed. My offer, however, remained in the air, and others who were interested in what I had to share, stayed after the meeting, and we had us a little meetin’ after the meetin’. That was the meeting that was worth getting up early for! In fact, it and a couple one-on-one discussions in the hallways in between scheduled sessions were the special moments that confirmed I was in the place God wanted me and just His right time.

The trip home went well, but had a weird turn. We got to our hometown airport, to find that there was a person threatening suicide in our parking lot, so we were restricted from the area until the police had finished clearing it. We got one last cab and made it to a Longhorn Steakhouse nearby, where I finally took Mrs. TL “out” for a nice dinner. We spent the wait time eating my favorite meal in a familiar setting, and the crisis cleared just as we finished.

It was quite a weekend eating abstinent out of a hotel refrigerator (with no microwave), but we pulled it off, and managed to help others in the process! I’m grateful for my day and the friends I made. It was a good weekend, one day at a time. (By the way, the suicidal guy lived and is safe.)