Today started early and will finish late, although the stressful events and commitments are over for the weekend, so I feel a little more at ease. The Assembly is over, and I have graduated from “Green Dot” status, so I have less to concern myself with regarding that, and can enjoy the Recovery Convention for the rest of my brief time that remains. My speaking commitment is over, and went well. I had a lot of interactive feedback, comments, and (this was interesting) people asking me to repeat some of my points for their notes! That’s funny to me. I guess maybe, since they don’t know me, they are more interested in what I have to say. The pattern for me up until getting involved with this fellowship has been that the more intimately people know me, the less concerned they are with what I think. I am grateful for friends who accept me and put up with my ramblings. I ramble because I need to ramble. I share because you are the one(s) who haven’t asked me to stop. “The writing process can be very healing because more than any other tool of our program, it gets us in touch with our true feelings. Writing clarifies emotions.” (12-12 OA, p.71)

Thanks for being there for me to write to.