Today, Mrs. TL and I got to sleep in later than I remember sleeping in for a long time. It is normally a day I would do my workout, but I didn’t bring sneakers, so I went to the pool and a few laps later discovered how exhausting pool laps are. As I dripped dry in my flip-flops, I meandered around the hotel and found the fitness center. They had the exact same elliptical machine I am used to, and it occurred to me that I don’t need sneakers to operate an elliptical machine, so off I went on my 2-mile elliptical jog in 15 minutes, while dripping dry in a bathing suit and towel.

We went on one more outing, to the nearby Bass Pro Shops, and to McKay’s, a used bookstore that my sister told me we simply had to visit. It was actually pretty neat – a warehouse of every book, CD, DVD, or audio-book ever made was given a second chance to change someone’s life. We had to keep in mind that we are flying home and have to check and/or carry anything we buy, but we got a few bargains.

The assembly commenced and the recovery meetings began in adjacent rooms. I am new to this, but it is my understanding that I am here for the business meetings and not the recovery convention, so I’m on the service side of the partition. I will have to cross over for some of it, though, as I was asked to speak on ‘willingness’ tomorrow at 4pm. (You can pray for me now and then if you like.) I decided to practice the principle of willingness before I was given the topic, so it worked out. Now I need a little serenity and humility, because I keep trying to craft a masterpiece, and that is not what is required, expected, or wanted. Still, the notes I have drafted are heavy on the program material quotes and references, and lean on the fluff. I have to remember that it is personal experience, not program expertise that communicates.

Speaking of “program,” I had a thought that I wrote down. I have nowhere to share it but here. We’ll call it my thought for the day. It was this:

The word “program” refers to a regimen of training or re-training our most basic function. It is through the re-programming of our total awareness with the 12 Steps, Traditions, and the principles they represent, that we find total (3-legged) recovery of who we are (physical), how we think and feel (mental), and what we reflect (spiritual).