I completely slept through all alarms this morning.  It was as if God knew I needed sleep more than the exercise I would get at the gym.  Of course, now I feel I owe it to myself to go to the gym in the afternoon to make up for the missed appointment, which will cause me to miss a later meeting.  Honestly, I believe that for my health and sanity, exercise and rest have to be the priority.  I will miss my fellows, but they will understand and still accept me when I get back there.  (…Or they won’t, in which case I will have to accept that “they are, perhaps, spiritually sick” even more than I am!  Just kidding.  I love my group!)
Interestingly enough, I got a devotional email today from two sources, that emphasized the wisdom of getting good sleep.  Dumbfounding irony is, in my experience, another way of my Higher Power articulating His will for me.  If you would like to read the devotional it is hosted online at http://www.wisdomhuntersdevotional.com/View.aspx?date=06/29/2011%2000:00:00.
The Proverbs chapter of the day (29) gave me two emphases: one was that it is God who disciplines us for a purpose; and the other was an echo of yesterday’s sentiment on trusting Him.  It went, “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.” (v.25)