I feel pretty good. I’m relaxing with a new audiobook version of one of my favorite stories, Treasure Island, while I wait to audit my first Judo class. I had a nice supper of flounder over couscous covered in diced tomato and chilies. I had a quiet training day today, but didn’t learn much.

So far, I have harmed no one I know of, and found someone to help even though I didn’t get to my office. I’m a little tired, and not entirely confident of what I should expect at the dojo.

Oh, yeah! This is a discipline I think I can get into. This will mean missing my Tuesday meetings, but I think I have a new sport. I will have to exercise special care for my knee. There is a lot of sweeping, squatting, rolling and throwing. But I think this will be a good way to keep in shape, to develop some practical skills, and provide for defending my family in “the gentle way” even after I can’t count on a thousand uniforms to back me up anymore. (Retirement is in three years, and I don’t get to keep the 2-way radio.)