Today was an amazing day! It began with a great meeting that centered around selfishness and self-centeredness, the chief actuator of our fears. Then, I spent some time with OAs in recovery after the meeting, shared a quick lunch with my bride, and proceeded to the intergroup meeting. Afterwards, my bride and I shared a lovely supper at Panera (The strawberry poppyseed chicken salad is back!) on our way to the Veterans Memorial Arena to observe the Global Day of Prayer. It was an exciting celebration and invocation of the blessing of God on the world. Jacksonville was the host city for the entire globe this year, and it was an honor to be a part of it. Very cool!
In other news, the scale needle has been slowly pulling lower, even though I have reached my goal weight, and have been cautioned by my doctor not to lose any more. I’ve dropped a total of seven extra pounds in the last four weeks! I’ve talked to my sponsor and I am adding 200 calories to my daily intake range to arrest this downward slide.  My sponsor wants me eating a potato with butter, and that would equal 200, so I will do as he says. I am powerless over food! This disease is baffling! So I will be having a red potato and natural butter with my breakfast in the morning. Baffling!
It’s cunning too!  There is a sick part of me that wants to celebrate the loss of a total of 142 pounds, but honestly the last seven don’t belong to me any more than the tortilla chips at LaNopalera.  For me, those were not my pounds to lose.  I am praying God will strengthen me and build me into the proper shaped tool for his best use.  I am offering him all of me, good and bad, including the seven pounds of me that are between him and me somewhere.  He will either put them back or he won’t, but it’s in his hands, as it has been.
I’m powerless over food.  God is not.  I think I’ll let him handle it!