My son graduated tonight. He actually has the diploma to prove it! I’m very happy for him.

The ceremony was during my supper time, so I had to make a few changes and eat my portable lunch for dinner (minus the sweet potato, which I ate later). It worked out nicely, because I was treated to lunch at Panera by a friend today.

I ate my safe food before the grad-dinner at LaNopalera, and successfully abstained from nachos while there. (My trigger foods are there.) I had a disappointment when I got home and found I was out of frozen blueberries. Prunes took their place, but not in a smoothie. (That would be gross!)

I added flaxseed meal to my breakfast quinoa. That worked out good. I will do that again tomorrow. I’ve been told it is a great source of Omega-3 and other nutrients. I tried a 30-calorie half serving dose, but it worked out, so I will put a whole serving in it in the morning.

Did I mention my youngest child is now a high school graduate?