Morning check-in
Overall, I had a great time on my celebratory weekend.  I have heard from several sources that balanced life requires that some recreational “fun” has to be included to recharge.  Well, I had a strong dose of it this weekend!
Yesterday was weird! On my camping/fishing trip, I ate out of cans almost entirely. My brain is fried from sun, fun, and water, and I am badly dehydrated. On the way home, I drank more caffeinated diet soda than any five people should, and by the time I got home was actually feeling high. This morning, I feel hung over, and I promise, I successfully abstained from alcohol, nicotine and sweets (all of which were at the campsite). What was NOT at the camp was: enough water (although I think I accidentally drank a lot of the lake while swimming), fresh produce (I ate the only apple there), or any facilities of any kind. “Primitive” camping! I wasn’t quite prepared for that. I did get to sleep out under the stars, which was a nice change.
On the way home, I was overcome with a desire to be home, and a longing for my routine. As I calculated my allowances for the morning and afternoon meals, I realized I went over my plan on both, but still had margin for a healthy dinner upon my arrival. It was nice to wake up to find my stove and (most of) my regular provisions waiting for me. I will have to get to the grocery store to restock in the next day or two, but it worked out.
I missed out on a couple things besides my food routine while I was gone for my weekend: meetings, calls, writing, workouts, and Saturday’s weigh-in. This morning, I observed that I have dipped below my desired weight by three more pounds than ususal, but I’m sure when I get re-hydrated, that may even out somewhat.
I am looking forward to when the world stops spinning, or at least starts spinning to the right for a change!  My desire to be home and my longing for routine is severely dampening my excitement about this upcoming weekend’s trip.  Yes, ANOTHER trip!